Myanmar Coup Update

SkyHydrant on the move

Since the coup in Myanmar in February life has been tough for many of the ethnic groups in the country.

Villages of the Karen people have been under frequent attack by the army.

This has meant that the people have had to leave their homes and retreat to the forest on the border between Myanmar and Thailand.

The SkyHydrants provided through our partner ‘Safe Water for Every Child Myanmar‘ have been moved with the displaced people.

This illustrates a key advantage of the SkyHydrant in areas affected by conflict.

The units can be rapidly relocated and set up quickly to make river water safe to drink.

Temporary set up.

Safe Water for Every Child Myanmar is using the money donated through Disaster Aid Australia for these two GEM Rapid Response Packs which will be on their way in the next few days.

The units with the smaller GEM SkyHydrant, tank used as the ‘packaging’, and a kit of parts will make it much easier to change location quickly, and set up a temporary system.

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Myanmar Installation

Disaster Aid Australia in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Yangon have just provided a SkyHydrant at the Mawlamyine University in Myanmar.

The unit will protect the health of the girls who live in hostel accommodation at the University.

The project was instigated through the efforts of PDG. Danny Lowe.

The tanks stands and installation work was carried out by the University Maintenance Team led by Mr Latt (pictured here with DAA CEO Brian Ashworth)

During the visit we were able to discuss with the Yangon Rotary Club how the ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ program could be expanded to more locations in Myanmar.




Thoo Mweh Migrant School

This young  boy, in a traditional Karen shirt, is drinking safe water at the Thoo Mweh migrant school.

The school is in Thailand close to the Myanmar border and mainly caters for Karen Refugees.

A Disaster Aid Australia Skyhydrant was recently installed at the school thanks to Fleur Maidment who works to help the Karen people.

The SkyHydrant provides safe water for:

  • 430 boarding students
  • 530 day students
  • 65 teachers and staff.
  • 100 local villagers


If you want to support ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ projects why not visit our DONATE PAGE