We help communities in developing countries affected by ‘Major Disasters‘ such as Typhoons, Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions recover with Smart Aid.

Our aid involves:

  • Consultations to ensure we are providing the help the community want.
  • Emergency shelter.
  • Providing building materials to help rebuild homes
  • Provide clean drinking water with our ‘SkyHydrant Rapid Response Packs’.

We help communities affected by the ‘Ongoing Disaster of Unsafe Drinking Water’ improve their health with our Safe Water For Every Child program.

Our aid involves:

  • Providing SkyHydrant MAX water filters that can deliver thousands of litres of clean, bacteria Water every day for years.
  • Ongoing support and technical advice.

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As a Rotary Club based organisation we are mainly run by volunteers to ensure as much as possible of the money donated is delivered as aid.

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