We help communities affected by ‘Major Disasters‘ such as Typhoons, Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions recover with Smart Aid.

Our aid involves:

  • Consultations to ensure we are providing the help the community want.
  • Emergency shelter.
  • Providing building materials to help rebuild homes
  • Provide clean drinking water with our ‘SkyHydrant Rapid Response Packs’.

We help communities affected by the ‘Ongoing Disaster of Unsafe Drinking Water’ improve their health with our Safe Water For Every Child program.

Our aid involves:

  • Providing SkyHydrant MAX water filters that can deliver thousands of litres of clean, bacteria Water every day for years.
  • Ongoing support and technical advice.

As a Rotary Club based organisation we are mainly run by volunteers to ensure as much as possible of the money donated is deliverd as aid.

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Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Update

Disaster Aid Australia and Disaster Aid Canada are supporting our closest partner Disaster Aid Europe in responding to the Turkiye-Syria Earthquake. With strong links through Rotary Districts they have been able to idntify the key items needed in the devasted areas. The affected clubs particularly asked for: Personal Hygiene packs. Family sized water filters In … Continue reading Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Update

Every $ Makes A Difference

Although a lot of the ‘Safe Water for Every Child‘ iinstallations are sponsored that doesn’t mean they are all sponsored! Every year several units are financed from people making ‘General Donations’ to Disaster Aid Australia. If you have made any donation to Disaster Aid Australia some of your donation will have helped several SkyHydrant Installations … Continue reading Every $ Makes A Difference

CO2 Reduction with SkyHydrants

For several years we have been publicising that the SkyHydrant has the ability to filter water without the use of power. However we have found that in practice, installation of a SkyHydrant has much greater environmental benefits in CO2 reduction. This is because the SkyHydrant replaces alternative methods of achieving safer drinking water. Bottled Water … Continue reading CO2 Reduction with SkyHydrants

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