Bhutan 2020

Since 2018 Disaster Aid Australia (DAA) has been working to help provide ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ to children at rural schools in Bhutan.

This Bhutan 2020 project has been in conjunction with our local partners; The Rotary Club of Thimphu,  and the Bhutan Ministry of Education.

Over 90 SkyHydrant installations have been completed, including this one at the Zhemgang school.

All 120 SkyHydrants are in Bhutan (June 2021) with completion of installations expected by the end of 2021

Tests on water quality, and attendance records of the schools, have shown we are making a real difference to the children’s health.

 A New Target

With the project moving to completion we are now looking at extending the benefits of safe water to smaller, village schools.

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