Typhoon Goni (2020)

Typhoon Goni hit the Philippines in late October 2020 followed by two further typhoons over the next 2 weeks.

the worst hit region was Bechol in the Souther part of Luzon.

With COVID making travel for our Australian based volunteers impossible our Philippine partner, Balay Mindanaw sent a team to investigate what aid could be delivered.

Barangay Batoan, Shelter

In conjunction with the Rotary Club of Legazpi they identified Barangay Batoan as a community that needed our help with over 70 houses badly damaged or destroyed.

Home damage in Barangay Batoan

With a $30,000 dollar grant from Disaster Aid Australia Balay Mindanaw were able to buy enough building materials to enable all the damaged homes in the Barangay to be repaired, or replaced.

Distribution of building materials, Barangay Batoan

They project managed the distribution of materials in conjunction with the Baranagay Council while the people of the Barangay actually carried out the construction works.

One of the rebuilt homes with the Happy Hownowner

Safe Water

In conjuction with the Rotary Club of Pasig, who provided two Water Tankers our SkyHydrants were used to provide safe water to a number of Barangays in the Taqbaco Municipal area.

Safe water distribution

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