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General donations to Disaster Aid Australia, or specific donations to one of our two areas of aid help in the following ways.

Safe Water For Every Child

Our water projects are based on the provision of a SkyHydrant which, can supply a community of up to 700 with safe drinking water for up to 10 years.

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$5,000 – Provision and transport to site of a SkyHydrant

Including installation materials purchased locally.

This amounts includes Disaster Aid liaising with local organisations and communities to ensure the SkyHydrant is installed, operated, and maintained for the long term.

Before we install a SkyHydrant the  community is required to agree to is to meet the cost of a replacement filter in the future.


For donations of $5,000 a sponsorship plaque will be attached to the SkyHydrant. (We can also assist you in providing local contacts if you want to visit the community you are supporting)

We provide regular updates on the water projects through our website, Facebook page, and quarterly newsletters.


Smart Aid Disaster Response

For each disaster the form of our support will vary according to the needs of those communities affected.

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The following list gives an indicative value of donations.


A temporary safe water solution for a village, school or displaced persons camp. the pack travels with our volunteers.

$2000 – Disaster Aid Response Team

Travel and accommodation costs for one of our volunteers to travel to site, consult with locals, assess the situation, and manage provision of aid.

$500 – Home Repair Kit

The actual contents of a home repair kit will vary depending on the types of homes and materials available.

A typical kit will include; sheets of corrugated iron, timber, nails.

$50 – A Tarpaulin

For temporary shelter and building repair.

$10 – A Hand Tool

Tools to rebuild homes, and local infrastructure, such as; saws hammers, spades, shovels and trowels.


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All amounts are in Australian Dollars and are approximate.

Actual costs will depend on the current cost of materials in the country we are working in and the transport to the locations where we are providing aid.


Any appeal funds that cannot be spent effectivly on a specific disaster will be returned to the general fund to provide our initial response to future disasters.