Limitations On Aid Delivery

Where We Work

Disaster Aid Australia’s highest priority is responding to disasters in developing countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

We will however support our Disaster Aid International (DAI) partners outside the region for major disasters.

Our DAI partners also support DAA in our area of operation.

Charitable Status

As a condition of the Australian charitable status of Disaster Aid Australia we are only permitted to provide aid, as an organisation, to those countries that are approved by the Australian Minister for Foreign Aid as ‘Developing Countries’.

Individual members do participate in fundraising for Australian disasters and may volunteer to provide direst assistance.

We Need Local Partners

To be cost effective we need at least one local partner.

As Disaster Aid Australia is a Rotary project, a local Rotary Club can be a great partner.

In addition to Rotary Clubs other government or non government organisations that are able to serve the local community and take responsibility for local management have make good partners.

An example of a great local partner is Balay Mindanaw who are partnering with us on well over 90 Safe Water installations in the Philippines, as well as responding to major disasters.

Community Involvement

The local community must want to be a part of our project.

The involvement must include helping with the installation and then, supported by training, taking on responsibility for the ongoing operations and maintenance.

This is key to our philosophy of ‘Giving A Hand Up, Not  A Handout’.

War Zone Limitations

As all members of Disaster Aid Australia providing on site disaster responses are volunteers.

We are not prepared to accept the risk that someone could be killed or injured by combatants during the provision of aid.

In some cases we are prepared to provide material aid to be distributed by trusted in-country partners. (For example being the use of Disaster Aid Skyhydrants by Balay Mindaw to provide safe water for families fleeing the 2017 Mirawi City fighting in the Philipines, and providing needed aid to Ukrainian citizens following the Russian invasion in 2022)