SkyHydrant Sponsorship

Disaster Aid Australia provide Service Clubs, individuals, and companies with the opportunity to ‘Sponsor a SkyHydrant’.

Currently Disaster Aid Australia have the following Safe Water for Every Child projects which can be sponsored:

  • Bangsamoro Health and Peace Project;
  • Mindanao Safe Water Project;
  • Bhutan, Beyond 2020;
  • Safe Water Timor Leste.

You can have your name on the plaque and be provided with a certificate and photographs of the installation in a schools or community in a developing country.

The cost of a sponsorship is AU$6,000 (3,700 Euro, US$3,900 based on Exchange Rates September 2023)

You can contact us at for more information, or go direct to the Sponsorship Link below:

SkyHydrant Sponsorship

Sponsorship donations to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.

For Non Australians it may be possible to donate through your countries Disaster Aid organisation to get tax concessions.

Put Yourself In The Picture

The COVID pandemic stopped travel, however now travel ihas recommenced DAA is starting to plan to again offer the opportunity to personally donate a SkyHydrant to a school in Bhutan.

This offer combines a SkyHydrant Sponsorship with a weeks personal tour of Bhutan.

During the tour one day will involve you in

  • Travelling to a school;
  • Presenting the SkyHydrant;
  • Seeing it Installed; and
  • Meeting the staff and students.