About Disaster Aid Australia

Our Mission

‘To provide, and assist, in delivering sustainable humanitarian aid relevant to people affected by natural and other disasters, including safe water and shelter’.

Smart Aid

We respond to disasters in our region such as eathquakes, typhoons and tsunamis with our Smart Aid program. 

This involves us in consulting the affected communities to find out what they want; and then deliver using local sources as much as possible.

Typically we help people rebuild their homes, and provided them with safe drinking water. 

We also support our Disaster Aid International partners responding to humanitarian disasters outside our region.

Safe Water For Every Child

We respond to the ongoing disaster of contaminated water with our Safe Water for Every Child program.

SkyHydrant water filters are used to protect; communities; schools and medical facilities.

The SkyHydrants provides clean, bacteria free drinking water at a cost of $1 per person per year.

A Charity

Disaster Aid Australia is an Australian charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commision

ABN 55 129 338 825


Disaster Aid Australia:

  • A project of the Rotary Club of Greater Dandenong and Endeavour Hills.
  • Has members/volunteers from across Australia;
  • A member of Disaster Aid International, a Rotary Collaborating Organisation comprising Disaster Aid organisations in many countries all dedicated to providing Humanitarian Aid.
  • Trains volunteers in administering humanitarian relief and aid;
  • Provides education and training in aspects of disaster relief to individuals, community groups, businesses, schools and other organisations; and
  • Works in partnership on humanitarian projects funded by other organisations, including Rotary Clubs and Rotary districts and Non-Rotary organisations.

To Find Out More

Interested groups are encouraged to contact Disaster Aid Australia, if they would like to discuss becoming involved in our ‘Smart Aid’ or ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ initiatives.

Disaster Aid Australia will also help those who want to add safe water to their projects.

Rebuilding communities … together