SkyHydrant MAX – Permanant Installations

For it’s ‘Safe Water for Every Child‘ program Disaster Aid Australia uses the SkyHydrant MAX units.

Each unit can provide 10,000 litres of clean, bacteria free water for ten years.

That is enough for a village of 700 people or a school with 1,000 pupils

After ten years the filter performance is expected to fall and a new membrane will need to be installed.

Working with Communities

For permanent installations Disaster Aid Australia work in partnership with the beneficiaries of each project.

The Community’s Role

Typical installation

We consult with communities, and schools to ensure that they:

  • Understand and want the SkyHydrant solution;
  • Are prepared to build a small building to protect the SkyHydrant;
  • Will provide free labour during the installation;
  • Carry out the daily cleaning;
  • Be responsible for the membrane replacement in 10 years time.

Disaster Aid Australia’s Role

Disaster Aid Australia will provide:

  • A SkyHydrant MAX, including shipping;
  • A grant for the local purchase of pipes, tanks and valves;
  • Project management for the installation;
  • Training and ongoing technical support.

This partnership ensures the community have ‘Ownership’ of the completed installation.


Individuals, Service Clubs and Companies can sponsor an installation as part of one of our existing projects for AU$6,000.

Contact us at to find out more.