Smart Aid




The heart of Smart Aid is involving local partners and the community to ensure that the aid provided:

  • Meets their requirements.
  • Involves them in working with us as ‘Partners’.
  • Gives them ‘Ownership’ of the outcome.

The community thus becomes ‘A Resource Not Victims’

The primary roles of our, on site, Disaster Aid Response Team (DART) are:

  • Identification of need;
  • Distribution of funds. or needed resources;
  • Project management;
Unloading materials to repair homes

Our Smart Aid focus areas are:

High Profile Disaster Response

We liaise with well connected local Rotarians and Non Government Organisations (NGOs)  to find out what is needed by those affected.

Then using our resources and contacts we aim to meet as much of the needs using local sources.

This approach:

    • Maximises our financial impact by minimising costs of waste, storage and shipping of materials.
    • Speeds the rate that resources can be delivered.
    • Helps the local economy to recover.

Safe Drinking Water

As part of our Smart Aid response to disasters we can provide  SkyHydrant™water filter units to communities, and displaced persons camps.

Each of the SkyHydrant GEM Rapid Response Packs can be set up in around 2 hours and immediately remove all bacteria from 5,000 litres of water a day.

Disaster Preparedness Training

Helping the local communities to become more resilient by facilitating training of:

    • Government and Non Government Bodies
    • Community Groups
    • Rotary Clubs
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