Helping Disaster Aid Europe In Lebanon

Following the Beirut Explosion in 2020 Disaster Aid Australia donated two SkyHydrants to the relief effort through our Smart Aid Program.

These were installed by Disaster Aid Europe (DAE).

As a result of the local Rotarians seeing how effective the SkyHydrants were they asked DAE to assist them in further improvements for the benefit of the people of Lebanon.

The project with finance by Lebanese Rotary is to provide safe water to army bases and the population surrounding the bases.

The above photograph shows Stuart Amesbury and George Lazar who recently carried out training of Army personel in installation and maintenance following delivery of five SkyHydrants.

While in Lebanon Stuart was able to check on the performance of one of the DAA filters which is providing safe water to the Rosary Sisters Hospital.

Here Sister Nicola is showing the clean water from the tap.

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