2022 Conference Report

For the first time since 2019 we were able to run a Disaster Aid Australia Conference.

Chair, Peter Faulkner, Opening Procedings

Celebrating Success

Session one was celebrating some of our successes over the past three years, including the completion of the Bhutan 2020 Project.

We also reported on the recent visit to the Philippines to see the results of our Typhoon response in 2020, and the difference our ‘Safe Water for Every Child Projects had made in Mindanao.

Delivering Aid through COVID

Session 2 provided information about how we continued to deliver international aid through the worst of the COVID pandemic.

Board Member Angeline Low presented on the rebuilding we assisted with in Pamanukan.

Our visitor Raj Guatam from the Rotary Club of Kathmandu told us about the work his club had been doing, assisted by a grant from DAA.

Raj, Talking About Aid During COVID

Session 3

In Session 3 we looked at how Disaster Aid is now ready to emerge from the pandemic.

By continual review of our expenditure we have managed to survive a major drop in income over the past two years (The income drop has been related to the fact that many of the Rotary Clubs that support DAA have been unable to hold fundraising events)

Through the lockdown we have been been able to expand our digital presence through our website, facebook, and over 30 videos on our YouTube Channel.

We have also developed the SkyHydrant GEM Rapid Response Pack which will help improve our future disaster responses.

The session also included a workshop on attracting volunteers.

Session 4

Session 4 concentrated on looking to the future.

Currently for 2022-2023 we have started projects in the Philippines and Bhutan.

We also were able to hear from the Yooralla Mission, and WH WASH Consultants about their proposals for Timor-Leste, a country where we would like to develop a project, starting in 2023-2024.


During the dinner CEO, Brian Ashworth, spoke about the many twists and turns in his background that had resulted in him becoming ‘An Accidental CEO!’

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