Philippines Aid Review, Barangay Batoan

In August 2020 Disaster Aid Directors were able to carry out the first on site review of our aid delivery to the Philippines since 2018.

During that time well Disaster Aidwith our local partner Balay Mindanaw have been involved in two Major Disaster Responses, as well as over 20 Safe Water for Every Child‘ installations, and several smaller COVID related initiatives.

DAA and Balay Mindanaw meeting with Tabaco Chief of Administration

Chief Executive Brian Ashworth and Director Cherie Ramsay spent 10 days visit several sites in the Philippines.

Smart Aid to Baranagy Batoan

Discussions with the Tabaco Municipal Authority and the Rotary Club of Legazpi identified Barangay Batoan as one of the most severely hit rural Barangays following Typhoon Goni in October 2020.

Typical damage to homes

Over 70 homes in the Barangay were either completly destroyed or severely damaged during the typhoon.

With a $30,000 grant from DAA our partner, Balay Mindanaw, was able to project manage the puchase and delivery of building materials for all of the damaged homes.

The following two photographs shows two of the very happy residents of the Baranagy who were so pleased that we were able to provide the material that helped them, and their friends and relatives rebuild their homes.

All who met us to were very grateful for the generosity of our supporters that had enabled them to rebuild their lives.

They were also very proud that they had been able to contribute to their own recovery.

With, on average, each home costing less than $500 this demonstrates the advantages of the Smart Aid approach to disaster response.

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