Meet Disaster Aid Australia

As Australia starts to open up Rotary, and other service clubs, are moving back to face to face meetings.

If your club is looking for a Guest Speaker or a ‘Vocational Visit’ why not contact Disaster Aid Australia?

Guest Speakers

Ted Burton in Tasmania

Over the past few weeks our ‘Champions’ have delivered presentations in Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania.

Our speakers can:

  • Explain how Disaster Aid Australia delivers safe water for less than $1/person/year.
  • Keep you informed about how we have continued to deliver aid through the COVID pandemic.
  • Let you know about new opportunities to sponsor Safe Water for Every Child installations.
  • Tell you how we keep our costs low, so each donation delivers more aid.

Vocational Visits

Demonstrating a Working SkyHydrant

By the end of November we will again be open for ‘Vocational Visits’ at our office, near Dandenong.

This will give you the opportunity to see a working SkyHydrant and find out much more about how DAA delivers aid.

We provide an informative tour and a 2 course meal for $20.

ZOOM Remains An Option

For those who are too far from our Office or Champions homes we will be continuing to Offer ZOOM presentations.

These can be either:

  • A slide show based presentation with a short video.
  • A hosted virtual tour of the Office.

In either case there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Contact us at for more information.