Sustainable Safe Water

A key consideration for Disaster Aid Australia’s ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ program is sustainability.

Financial Sustainability

President and Past President of the Rotary Club

It is important that the community ensures that there is enough money to pay for:

  • Cleaning Chemicals.
  • Replacement of the filter membrane (typically after 10 years)
  • The operators time for the daily cleaning.

This photographs shows how the cooperative in Barangay. Mambuaya, on the outskirts of Cagayan de Oro have responded to the problem.

They have connected the SkyHydrant system to two water dispensing machines in the small building.

Water flows into the containers when the a coin is dropped into the machine.

Collecting as little as AU$1/day will save enough money for the membrane replacment and cleaning chemicals!

The installation was sponsored, with the aid of a Rotary Global Grant by the Rotary Club of West Cagayan de Oro.

Greenhouse Gases

In 2018 Disaster Aid Australia was recognised by the Energy Globe Awards as being the best energy sustainable project in Australia.

This was due to the fact that our SkyHydrants provide safe water without power or treatment chemicals.

It was also one of the top four water projects in the World Awards.

Plastic Waste Reduction

One of the problems around the world is the amount of plastic waste which affects wildlife and gets inot the food chain.

Every SkyHydrant installed means that the community protected no longer needs to buy bottled water to stay safe.

That mean that there will be no need to dispose of tens of thousands of single use plastic bottles every year.

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