€3,100 or US$3,500 for a Safe Water Project


As we are talking to people at the Hamburg Rotary Convention some of the questions are:

  • How can our club help people with Safe Water?
  • Do we have to be an Australian Club to get Involved?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will the project take?
  • How many people can helped by a SkyHydrant installation?
  • Is the Disaster Aid Australia project sustainable?


  • By sponsoring a Disaster Aid Australia your club have a sponsored SkyHydrant installed at a school or community in your name in either Bhutan, or the Philippines.
  • Disaster Aid Australia is willing to partner with any Rotary Club, or Individual, wherever they are located.
  • We normally quote the cost as 5,000 Australian dollars but we will accept donations in other currencies such as 3,100 Euros or 3,500 US dollars.
  • We can complete the installation of a SkyHydrant in 3 -4 Months. We already have partners in Bhutan and the Philippines who have identified and assessed schools and communities who need clean water. The partners have people trained in installation and Hygiene training. Installation in new countries or outside our partners area of operation can take a little longer.
  • A SkyHydrant will protect a community of over 500 people or a school with over 1,000 pupils.
  • In 2018 our “Safe Water For Every Child’ Program was rated as an example of ” Worlds Best Practice’ in Sustainable Drinking Water by the Energy Globe organisation.
Will you join us on our challenge of ‘Safe Water For Every Child”

For more information contact us at admin@disasteraidaustralia.org.au