WASH Myths No 4 – Safe Water Is Just About Health

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate than 80% of all illnesses in developing countries are caused by contaminated drinking water.

This makes the provision of safe water a major health improvement!

Over the time that Disaster Aid Australia have been working on our Safe Water for Every Child program we have found it impact other problems.

Here are some other issues where we have discovered safe drinking water has made a difference.


Following the installation of a SkyHydrants absences due to illness have been seen to drop by 70% or more.

As a result:

  • Students studies are less disrupted.
  • Teachers have more time to teach rather than deal with children becoming sick during classes.


With better health people in rural communities can do more work in their fields growing more crops with more produce to sell.

It also means that those who were paying a substantial part of their income to drink bottled water can now drink from the local water supply.

Plastic waste

With no need to buy bottled water we often get reports that bins that were previously overflowing with plastic bottles.

Now they rarely need emptying.

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