Unsafe Water, a Women’s Crisis

More than one in eight people  worldwide, that’s 785 million people lack access to safe water.

Usually the responsibility for looking after the health of a family falls on the women of the family. 

This can involve women in walking large distances to get the best quality water from a clear stream.

Even then the water, although looking clear, may still contain bacteria!

Alternativly a family may be spending up to 25 – 50% of their income on buying bottled water.

Our ‘Safe Water for Every Child‘ project with the provision of SkyHydrant installations besides protecting children also;

  • Improves the overall health of the whole community;
  • Reduces the pressure on women in Developing Countries;
  • Reduces poverty;
  • Reduces plastic waste.

All for a capital cost of $1 per person, per year,

This post and the photo was inspired by an article by Jennifer Schorsch, President of Water.org, originally published on Impakter here.

If you would like to help Disaster Aid Australia to Safe Water to help women in developing countries, click on the link below;


Charity donations of $2 or more to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.