Safe Water – More Than One ‘Area of Focus’

Rotary International recently announced that they had added ‘Supporting the Environment‘ as a seventh ‘Area of Focus‘ for Rotary Action.

Although DAA’s Safe Water for Every Child obviously fits into the ‘Water and Sanitation‘ category it actually has an impact on every other areas of focus.

Here is how it makes a difference for each of the other six areas:

Supporting the Environment

Unlike many water treatment systems our SkyHydrants bring essential benefits to communities without increasing energy use.

DAA’s Safe Water for Every Child’s contribution to sustainability was recognised internationally by our success in the Energy Globe Awards in 2017

Disease Prevention and Treatment

Statistics from our recent project in India showed a reduction in illness of 88% for the over 8,000 children receiving water from the SkyHydrant.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the need for safe water in the treatment and prevention from virus transmission.

Economic and Community Development

In developing countries without safe drinking water people either have to lose days of work through illness; or pay a substantial portion of their income to buy bottled water.

We have found a SkyHydrant means communities have more money to spend on better food, and investing in ways to improve their community for all.

Maternal and Child Health

In the first few years of life immunity from disease is particularly low which makes any infection particularly dangerous.

Safe drinking water is a key reason for improved health of both mothers and children.

Basic Education

Teachers tell us that the changes following a SkyHydrant are:

  • Better school attendance;
  • Less teacher time taken attending to children who become ill during the school day;
  • Less time spent helping students to catch up after lost time through illness;
  • Less teacher absence through illness.

Peace and Conflict Resolution

Our aid in the Philippine island of Mindanao has included areas subject to civil unrest due to the feeling of rural people that they are forgotten.

Our partner in Mindanao, the Balay Mindanao Peace Foundation has found that the prospect of a safe water installation encourages the communities to look for peaceful solutions to their other problems.

You can help support all seven areas of Rotary focus by making a donation at the link below:


Charity donations of $2 or more to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.