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    Vanuatu Disaster Aid International has deployed Disaster Aid Response Team members to Vanuatu.
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    Philippines Disaster Aid Australia’s work continues in the Philippines as we help communities rebuild after Typhoon Haiyan
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We deliver innovative Australian-based humanitarian aid solutions   to people in developing countries who have suffered loss following natural or other disasters.
And, importantly, a new start. Rotarians, working to rebuild communities ... together.

Aid Solutions

Disaster Aid Australia has a variety of specialised disaster relief packs for rapid response.

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  • Family Survival Packs A Family Survival Pack provides a family with the basic tools to rebuild their lives.
  • SkyHydrant™ Producing up to 10,000 litres of clean drinking water a day.
  • Solar Gem Bringing safety and security in camps at night with solar-powered lights.

Featured News

Disaster Aid International Deploys in Vanuatu

Disaster Aid International has deployed two members of our Disaster Aid Response Team to Vanuatu.  Wayne (USA) and Dianne Holland (Australia) arrived  last Thursday 26 March.

Following discussions with the affected communities and other aid organisations,  the initial assessment has confirmed that the priority need is for clean water.  A  number of Sawyer filters have been distributed, each sufficient to keep a large family supplied with clean water for several years.

The team is  now assessing the most effective places to site Skyhydrants  which  will provide clean water for whole communities.

The team are currently compiling their report but have sent back several photographs that give a good indication of the scale of the damage.

DSCN0833 DSCN0840
DSCN0905 DSCN0915

Tropical Cylone Pam - Vanuatu Devastated


Disaster Aid USA and its International Partners including Disaster Aid Australia, are assessing and preparing to deploy due to what has been described as the worst storm, with winds of up to 300km/h, to hit the Pacific has resulted in at least 3,300 people being displaced and over 19,000 households in need of essential aid. The shortage of drinking water has been defined as critical. Over 90% of the buildings have been destroyed. As Vanuatu President Baldwin Lonsdale said “”After all the development we have done for the last couple of years and this big cyclone came and just destroyed all the infrastructure the government has built. Completely destroyed.”

Vanautu is one of the worlds least developed countries with two-thirds of the population living from agriculture. Nearly three quarters of the population live in rural areas or remote islands and this will be a complicating factor for any relief effort.

Disaster Aid USA, working with our partners within Disaster Aid International, will be supporting the relief effort in Vanautu. The initial assessment indicates a critical need for water filtration systems but, pending a more detailed needs assessment, other needs relating to shelter and essential non-food items are likely to be identified.

Disaster Aid USA has set up a campaign specifically to help those in Vanuatu. Please help us by making a donation by going to www.disasteraidusa.com and clicking on the donate button, or clicking on the Donate button on this site.

Image from bbc.com