• Sudan
    Sudan Disaster Aid provides shelter for drought refugees
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  • Philippines
    Philippines Disaster Aid Australia’s work continues in the Philippines as we help communities rebuild after Typhoon Haiyan
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We deliver innovative Australian-based humanitarian aid solutions   to people in developing countries who have suffered loss following natural or other disasters.
And, importantly, a new start. Rotarians, working to rebuild communities ... together.

Aid Solutions

Disaster Aid Australia has a variety of specialised disaster relief packs for rapid response.

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  • Family Survival Packs A Family Survival Pack provides a family with the basic tools to rebuild their lives.
  • SkyHydrant™ Producing up to 10,000 litres of clean drinking water a day.
  • Solar Gem Bringing safety and security in camps at night with solar-powered lights.

Featured News

Massive flooding in Nepal (and region) sees Disaster Aid on the ground with materials and assistance

We will provide an update on this calamitous event that has seen hundreds killed, but first, it is timely to provide some background about us, what we do, what we plan to do, and, how you can help us in our work … as volunteers in Rotary.

And, just a reminder that we are increasingly using Facebook for updates etc. so please, find us on Facebook to learn more about what we are doing and where, and our needs.  Please go to:  https://www.facebook.com/disasteraidaustralia


Disaster Aid Australia (DAA), a Rotary Club project that began in 2010 (as a company limited by guarantee, and, with full DGR tax deductibility for donations) is a member of the over-arching body known as Disaster Aid International (DAI).  Other members of DAI are Rotary Club projects in Malaysia, UK & Ireland, USA and soon, from other countries.

The chairman of DAI is David Langworthy (a member of the Endeavour Hills Rotary Club in D9820 Vic.) who is also deputy chairman of DAA (its chairman is Bob Powell, also from that club), and much of the administrative work of DAI is done through the DAA office in Dandenong (SE Melbourne) kindly donated by an Endeavour Hills club member.

We recently updated our office computers but, in transferring files and data, we have discovered problems that had affected our database.  We are working hard to rectify this – and rebuild as necessary – and ask for your understanding.  Please remember, our human resources are all volunteers.

DARTs – Disaster Aid Response Team members – are a vital part of our organisation.  We have highly trained Australian volunteers (many are Rotarians) who have worked in Haiti, Sudan, Pakistan, the Philippines and Malaysia delivering aid to those often in desperate need.

They work with locals (including NGOs, government and other agencies, and Rotarians) as they rebuild their lives and communities.

How we have changed

Those deployments have taught us a lot.  In particular, working in the Philippines with local NGO The Balay Mindanaw Foundation after two massive Typhoons (preceded by an earthquake), we asked affected local people what they needed most.  

Rather than provide them with a box of aid that "we" considered they would need, we found by asking, that they wanted (for example) tarpaulins … not tents … and basic building materials.  So that is exactly what we did.  Importantly, we (our DARTs) stayed on, living in the villages with local people and providing direct and extensive assistance.

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First installation of life-saving water purification systems

The first of a new wave of filters to be sent to the Philippines was installed in the rural Barangay (village) of Dado, Alamada, in North Cotobato.  Prior to the installation Team Aleosan (an agency set up by the Balay Mindanaw Foundation) conducted meetings with the Barangay Council to assess, for instance, water pressure levels in the pipelines.

On 30 June 2014, Team Aleosan together with Ed Cox from DAI, facilitated an orientation to provide locals with information on the basics of the SkyHydrant Ultrafiltration System – how it works, maintenance, and how it will be sustained to maximise its use for up to ten years.  Sphere standards were also discussed to provide participants with an understanding of some considerations when selecting sites for SkyHydrant™ installation.

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Mercedes-Benz Sponsorship

mercedes-2014-2During 2013, Disaster Aid Australia was delighted to welcome Mercedes-Benz Australia (through its trucks, buses and vans division) as a major sponsor. And to mark that sponsorship, a raffle to win a new Mercedes-Benz Vito Van, generously donated by Mercedes-Benz Australia was launched Australia-wide.

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