Changes to Disaster Aid Australia

At their June meeting the Board decided to make the following changes to the organisation.

  • Peter Fawkner has stepped down from the temporary role of Chair, but will continue as Treasurer.
  • Director Howard Bradfield has been appointed Chair of Disaster Aid Australia.

  • Director Brian Ashworth has accepted the new position of Chief Executive Officer (Honorary).

  • Endeavour Hills Rotary Club President* 2018/2019 Cherie Ramsey has been reappointed as a permanent board member




*As Disaster Aid Australia was founded by Endeavour Hills Rotary Club our constitution requires that each year the Club President is a board member for that year.


SkyHydrants In India

Former Chair of Disaster Aid Australia, David Langworthy, has been in India for the official commissioning of a Skyhydrant Project.

The photographs show the installation at the Government Ashram School, Palsunda, Mokhada.

Installation was by Diganta Swaraj Foundation of Mumbai.

This project was initiated by the Rotary Clubs of Endeavour Hills and of Palm Beach Navi Mumbai and their respective Districts.

Contributions from the individual clubs were supplemented with a Rotary International Global Grant.

The project will deliver Safe Drinking Water to more than 10.000 children plus local villagers.



Mariah’s Story

Mariah Valdehueza, a Filipino public health student at the Australian Catholic College (ACU), has had first hand experience in delivering aid in conjunction with Disaster Aid Australia.

With her public health background Mariah has also been closely involved in public health education in the Philippinnes both with Balay Mindanaw and other Aid Organisations.

In 2013 as an intern with our partner Balay Mindanaw she was part of quick response team led and supported by Disaster Aid Australia, went to Bohol to provide temporary shelters for families after an Earthquake.

During the Marawi Siege in 2017 she was involved in the provision of Safe Drinking Water Using Disaster Aid SkyHydrants

To find out more about Mariahs Experiences you can visit the ACU Impact website




Have You Got Some Free Time?

Disaster Aid are always looking for volunteers.

Although we provide hundreds of thousands of dollars aid we only have one part time paid staff member.

Everything else is done by volunteers, including:

  • Fundraising;
  • Disaster Response;
  • Office Administration;
  • Management;
  • Governance;

If you live in Melbourne you are welcome to come along to our Office in Eumemmering and meet our friendly group.

Further away? . . . There are opportunities to help fundraise by speaking at Rotary meetings and other forums.


All Welcome

Although DAA was founded by a Rotary Club you do not need to be a Rotarian to get involved.

You just need to be interested in helping people; recover from a disaster, or who need safe drinking water.


For more information check out our Volunteer Page





The WiFi Challenge

As Disaster Aid volunteers travel the world it quickly becomes apparent that its easier to find Free WiFi than Safe Drinking Water.

In developing countries you will find the majority of hotels and cafes will offer free WiFi . . . . but all the water that feeds an urban area is untreated.

Sure, as a visitor  you can buy bottled water, but when the average wage may be less than $5 a day it’s hard for a local family to afford safe drinking water.

Our Challenge

At Disaster Aid Australia we believe that if the World decides that it wants  Safe Water For Every Child it can be achieved.

After all it only costs $1 per Person Per Year to install a SkyHydrant.

With our Bhutan 2020 project we want to show that its possible for us, a small charity, to provide Safe Drinking Water to every major school in a Country.

If we can do that what’s stopping a real push to make Safe Water as common as Free WiFi?


Are you prepared to be part of our challenge? . . . .To help Disaster Aid Australia install more Skyhydrants you can DONATE HERE

€3,100 or US$3,500 for a Safe Water Project


As we are talking to people at the Hamburg Rotary Convention some of the questions are:

  • How can our club help people with Safe Water?
  • Do we have to be an Australian Club to get Involved?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will the project take?
  • How many people can helped by a SkyHydrant installation?
  • Is the Disaster Aid Australia project sustainable?


  • By sponsoring a Disaster Aid Australia your club have a sponsored SkyHydrant installed at a school or community in your name in either Bhutan, or the Philippines.
  • Disaster Aid Australia is willing to partner with any Rotary Club, or Individual, wherever they are located.
  • We normally quote the cost as 5,000 Australian dollars but we will accept donations in other currencies such as 3,100 Euros or 3,500 US dollars.
  • We can complete the installation of a SkyHydrant in 3 -4 Months. We already have partners in Bhutan and the Philippines who have identified and assessed schools and communities who need clean water. The partners have people trained in installation and Hygiene training. Installation in new countries or outside our partners area of operation can take a little longer.
  • A SkyHydrant will protect a community of over 500 people or a school with over 1,000 pupils.
  • In 2018 our “Safe Water For Every Child’ Program was rated as an example of ” Worlds Best Practice’ in Sustainable Drinking Water by the Energy Globe organisation.
Will you join us on our challenge of ‘Safe Water For Every Child”

For more information contact us at


Rotary International Convention 2019

The Disaster Aid Australia team will be at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg.

If you are travelling to Hamburg why not visit us?

We will have members on the Disaster Aid International stand every day

You can find us in Hall 4 of the House of Friendship.

Come along and hear about:

  • Our recent deployment to Mozambique.
  • The progress on our Bhutan 2020 project.
  • See the SkyHydrant and find out how it works.
  • How you can be involved in the Disaster Aid Story.

DAA representatives will be: Chair Peter Faulkner, Director Brian Ashworth, and DART Dave Tususki

You will also be able to meet representatives of many of our DIA partners.

SkHydrants Ready To Go To Bhutan

In our storeroom we are currently preparing the next shipment of SkyHydrants for our Bhutan 2020 project.

To save costs we prefer to send the units in batches of 10.

Eight of the next shipment have already been sponsored.

If you;

  • Would like to spend your club funds this Rotary year; or
  • Make a tax deductible donation this financial year;

And see the money spent quickly your donated SkyHydrant could be part of this shipment.

Our partners in Bhutan are already constructing buildings for the installations ready for the SkyHydrants arrival.


If you want to support our ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ projects see our DONATE PAGE 

Help R.C of San Fernando

Disaster Aid Australia has been approached by the Rotary Club of San Fernando to help bring safe drinking water to 13 schools in their region of the Philippines.

San Fernando

The city of San Fernando is the Capital of La Union province in the Philippines located in the Ilocos Region in the island of Luzon.

It serves as the regional center of the whole Ilocos Region.

The Schools

The schools range in size from just over 400 pupils to well over 2,000 pupils.

All of the schools have a water supply from either a well, or the municipal system.

Unfortunately none of the water is safe to drink.

Possible Global Grant

Currently with our existing commitments Disaster Aid Australia Is unable to directly fund this project.

We however would like to assist the Rotary Club of San Fernando in a Rotary International Global Grant Application for the installation of SkyHydrants.


If you would like to support The Rotary Club of San Fernando and DAA in obtaining a Global Grant to provide these children with Safe Water you can contact:

Disaster Aid Australia   email:


Rotary Club of San Fernando, La Union  email:


Happy Birthday Balay Mindanaw

Our long term partner the Balay Mindanaw Peace Foundation celebrates its 23rd Birthday today.

Balay Mindanaw’s Role in the Partnership

Operating from its base in Cagayan de Oro, on the Philippine island of Mindanao, they have installed, and continue to monitor, 58 of Disaster Aid’ provided Skyhydrants across the Philippines.

Installations have included:

  • Responses to Cyclone affected communities both on Mindanao and other islands.
  • Providing safe water at Displaced Persons Camps following the Marawi civil insurrection crisis.
  • Drinking Water for Barangays as part of our “Safe Water for Every Child’ Project.

Their help was a key part in our success in the Energy Globe Sustainability Awards

Our Role in the Partnership

Disaster Aid Australia by providing Skyhydrants is proud to be helping Balay Mindanaw pursue its mission of:

  • Helping build empowered sustainable communities; and
  • Helping build peace in Mindanao.

With the Skyhydrants providing safe water to communities at minimal cost.

Ongoing Support

At their meeting of 5th May the Board of Disaster Aid Australia have agreed to supply a further 10 Skyhydrants to Balay Mindanaw this year, together with a grant for the purchase of tanks, pipes and fittings for the installations.


If you want to support our ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ project with Balay Mindanaw see our DONATE PAGE