Disaster Aid Australia is celebrating Earth Day 2020

Our ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ project helps our planet by providing safe water in developing countries without the use of electricity and chemicals.


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Fighting COVID-19 Providing Safe Water

Our friends of Balay Mindanaw have been working with the Philippine Army to provide safe water during the COVID-19 lock down.

With Balay Mindanaw’s staff unable to travel the army has stepped in.

Donna Celeste Banaynal is shown demonstrating a Disaster Aid Australia SkyHydrant to staff of the 4th Mechanized Battalion..

They will be using this unit for mobile water treatment at Lanao del Sur.

This will ensure safe water is provided at evacuation camps and relocation sites with limited access to clean water.

By protecting health those who are infected are better able to fight off the effects of the virus.


If you want to help this lifesaving work you can donate on this Website Page

Work On Providing Safe Water Continues

Although COVID19 will slow down activities at Disaster Aid Australia for the next few months action on ‘Safe Water for Every Child” continues where possible.

Our hard working Bhutanese friends from the School Planning and Building Department last week installed a Disaster Aid Australia Skyhydrant at the Taktse Central School.

The unit will be protecting the health of 746 pupils and 38 Staff.

We would like to acknowledge the Lindenow Lions Club, Victoria, who sponsored this installation.

The substantial masonry building to protect the SkyHydrant was constructed by the school support staff.


Why World Water Day Is Still Important


At the moment all the news is about COVID-19 . . . . . But that doesn’t mean World Water Day is any less important.

On March 19th 2020 the Global daily death rate from COVID-19 had reached 1,000!

The Global daily death rate due to people drinking contaminated water has been over 1,000 a day for years.

When  Hundreds of Billions of Dollars have been spent on controlling COVID-19 over the next year, there will still be over a 1,000 people, mainly children, dying due to contaminated water.

Clean Water Helps

If people need to regularly need to wash their hands its much better if the water is clean and safe.

When safe drinking water is available peoples health is better.

That makes people better able to fight virus infections like COVID-19.

How We Help

With our Safe Water for Every Child program we install SkyHydrants in schools and communities to remove bacteria from the drinking water.

We also help other charities by supplying SkyHydrants for their projects.

Each SkyHydrant costs $5,000 to install and will protect a village of 700 or a school of 1000 pupils from contaminated water for 10 years.

That’s less than $1 per person per day.

How You Can Help

The average Australian water bill is around $3 per day.

Donating the equivalent of one days water bill will keep 3 people safe for a year.

Donating one weeks water bill will keep 21 people safe for a year.

You can donate the cost of one day of your water (or more) using the button below.



Every additional day will make a difference!

The Meeting Alternative

With the COVID-19 Pandemic many Rotary Clubs are looking at how they meet.

If your club is considering video conferencing using ZOOM, Google Hangouts, or one of the other meeting applications we can provide a speaker.

Disaster Aid Australia has already provided speakers to E-clubs and you can hear all about :

  • How we will continue to protect thousands of children during the current travel restrictions.
  • Our latest innovations to provide aid when the travel restrictions are removed.
  • Progress on our Bhutan 2020 project to provide safe water for every school in the whole country.

If you would like a presentation for your video meeting please contact



SkyHydrants For Balibo

These children in Balibo, and many more, will soon be enjoying Safe Water.

Photo by Balibo House Trust

Balibo House Trust has been working with Rotary and Spend it Well to construct new schools in the Balibo district.

Three schools have been built at Belola, Railuli and Falowai with a fourth in the planning stage.

The proposal includes providing safe water by installing SkyHydrants  and involvimg the local school community in their use and maintenance.

Disaster Aid Australia is providing two of the six SkyHydrants required at no cost to the project with the intention of becoming more involved in delivering safe water projects in Timor Leste.

Follow this link for more information about the Balibo House Trust 


If you want to support ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ projects why not visit our DONATE PAGE 

Myanmar Installation

Disaster Aid Australia in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Yangon have just provided a SkyHydrant at the Mawlamyine University in Myanmar.

The unit will protect the health of the girls who live in hostel accommodation at the University.

The project was instigated through the efforts of PDG. Danny Lowe.

The tanks stands and installation work was carried out by the University Maintenance Team led by Mr Latt (pictured here with DAA CEO Brian Ashworth)

During the visit we were able to discuss with the Yangon Rotary Club how the ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ program could be expanded to more locations in Myanmar.




Bhutan Water Conference

Our friends of the Rotary Club of Thimphu are organising a Rotary Conference in Bhutan.


The Conference Title will be ‘Rotary For Safe Drinking Water, Sanitation & Waste Management’ and will be held between 27 and 30th July 2020.

There will be a wide range of speakers; including Peter Faulkner and Brian Ashworth talking about Disaster Aid Australia ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ projects.

There will be a program for spouses of delegates as well as the opportunity for delegates to visit some of the iconic sites close to the venue.

For delegates and partners who want to see more of this beautiful country there is the opportunity to extend your stay  before, and after, the conference.



Registration and 3 Star Ground Content . . . . $840 per person*

Registration and 4 Star Ground Content . . . . $960 per person*

Registration and 5 Star Ground Content. . . . $2,020 per person*

The Ground Content includes: Hotel, Meals at the Conference Venue, Registration Fee, Transport, Guide, Driver and bottled mineral water.

It excludes: phone charges, alcohol and medical treatment.


*In recognition of the Rotarians’ humanitarian services that touch every aspect of human civilization all around the world, the Royal Government of Bhutan is allowing waiver of the imposition of the Minimum Daily Tariff for the full 5 days of the Conference. The waiver of the Minimum Daily Tariff of US$ 230.00 per day per person. Additional days before and after the conference can be booked. as part of the registration.


For Registration follow this link : Conference Registration

More Information

Rotary Club of Thimphu email

Best Wishes From Children Around the World

Here are just a few of the 10’s of thousands of children around the world who have Safe Drinking Water this Christmas.

Some of the photographs are from our SmartAid Disaster Response.

Many are from our Safe Water for Every Child program.

Also included is one from a partner working for Karen refugees.

Disaster Aid has only been able to help all these children because of our incredible support from around Australia.



Massive Health Improvements from our Indian Project.

In July this year we reported on a Safe Water for Every Child Project for 8 schools in India.

Here is the principal of the Gahnwal School talking about the difference the SkyHydrant has made over the past five months.

This Disaster Aid Australia project was initiated by the Rotary Clubs of Endeavour Hills and Palm Beach Navi Mumbai and their respective Districts with help from a RI Global Grant

Thanks to Dharmendra Gangrade of the Rotary Club ofPalm Beach Navi Mumbai  for the video.


If your Rotary Club is interested in a ‘Safe Water for Every Child Project’  contact Disaster Aid Australia.