COVID Aid in Cambodia

As part of Disaster Aid Australia’s commitment to continue delivering aid through the pandemic we have made a grant supporting a project introduced to us by the Rotary Club of Frankston Peninsula 2.0.

This is the ‘Hotels Joining Hands‘ project where three hotels in Siem Reap have joined forces to provide 400+ meals a day to those people most affected.

They have now distributed over 53,000 meals to people in the Siem Riep area.

Since October, they have also provided ‘Food Relief Packages’ to families drastically affected by floods all over Cambodia.

If you would like to help Disaster Aid Australia continue to help developing countries during the COVID-19 Pandemic click on the link below:


Charity donations of $2 or more to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.

Helping World of Difference

World of Difference is a Rotary District 9800 Managed Program that was started by the Rotary Club of South Melbourne.

They have been providing overseas aid to villages in Cambodia working with ‘Build Your Future Today’ Which is a Non Goverment Organisation in the Siem Reap area of Cambodia.

Construction Underway

Following a meeting with Disaster Aid Australia Volunteers they decided to try a SkyHydrant Installation in late 2018 for the village of La’ak.

La’ak is a remote village of approximately 200 houses with no electricity and no reticulated water supply.

Since La’ak is a rural area with no waste-water treatment facilities the groundwater is prone to contamination and water borne diseases are common.

On arrival at the school in La’ak the scope of work was discussed with the village chief and school officials and details such as the location of the filter house, wash station, etc were agreed.

A small irrigation scheme was installed in conjunction with the drinking water project; using the untreated water

An original 1600 L concrete tank which was not previously used is now used to store filtered water with a float valve installed to automatically regulate level in this tank.

Pipes and fittings were purchased locally and a local bricklayer engaged to build the Skyhydrant shelter.

At the conclusion of the project the treated water was tested and confirmed as free from bacteriological contamination.

The new filter house and wash station

Green Gecko

Green Gecko updated us on a Skyhydrant installed at their Project in Cambodia.

The SkyHydrant was supported by generous Rotary donations.

The unit has now been installed for several months and is working well with the maintenance program  being adhered to.

It supplies hundreds of litres of fresh drinking water to the children and their families every day and for washing the vegetables.

The children love the drinking taps and it encourages them to drink more water.


The Green Gecko Project supports former street children and their families in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The support includes

  • Education
  • Health
  • Training
  • Community development
  • Social support programs.

If you want to support our work in humanitarian aid  you can  Sponsor a Skyhydrant