DAI Ukraine Response

As a member of Disaster Aid International (DAI) we are just one of the partners that is responding to the Ukraine Crisis

Disaster Aid Europe

DA Europe setting off again.

Disaster Aid Europe, based in Prague, as the closest partner to the Ukraine is providing the focus for many of the other partners.

They have been communicating with Ukraine Rotarians and Slovak Rotarians close to the Ukraine border to identify humanitarian needs.

Based on those needs they are purchasing and collecting relief goods and transporting them to the Ukraine.

Disaster Aid Australia

GEM Rapid Response Pack

Thanks to our generous supporters our Ukraine Appeal has raised over $36,000.

To date we have sent 3 SkyHydrants and transferred $10,000 to DA Europe.

At Easter one of our volunteers will be taking a further two SkyHydrant GEM Rapid Response Packs.

We will also be aranging for the purchase of a further $6,000 of humanitarian supplies to be delivered by DA Europe..

Disaster Aid USA

Disaster Aid USA has funded a Search and Rescue Team and co-funded an Ambulance for Kyiv.

They have also been supporting DA Europe with:

  • Sawyer, family sized, water filters;
  • Luminaid solar power units for light and phone charging
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Tents
  • Medical supplies.
  • Ready made Meals

Disaster Aid Canada

Disaster Aid Canada, with their founder the Rotary Club of Ladysmith, have raised $32,000.

To date they have shipped 50 tents to DA Europe, and are in dicussions about the most appropriate further aid.

Disaster Aid UK & Ireland

DART Team with generator

A DART team from DAUK & Ireland travelled to Suceava, Romania to asses the situation there.

Working with Romanian and Ukrainian Rotarians they plan to provide back-up generators for hospitals.

The first unit has been allocated to a hospital in Dnipro.

Ongoing care and continued use of the generators will be over-seen by local Rotarians.

If you would like to assist Disaster Aid Australia you can donate by clicking on the link below:


Charity donations of $2 or more to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.