Solving ‘The Christmas Present’

Often people don’t know what to buy for Christmas presents!

Every year forgetable Christmas presents are delivered . . . and never see the light of day again.

The Alternative

This Christmas why not do something different this year and ask someone to share with you the gift of safe water to someone in a developing country?

Send your friends and relatives this link:


They can make a donation in your name and help provide safe drinking water for a community or school, in a developing country.

Every $1 donated provides safe water for one person for a year.

Disaster Aid Australia will:

  • Provide a ‘Deductable Gift Tax Receipt’ to the donor.
  • Send a Thank You E-mail to the recipient noting the gift made in their name.
  • For gifts of $50 or more we will additionally post a personalised card to the recipient, recording the donation.

We also provide an option for you to receive our quarterly newsletter, so you can see our safe water projects delivered.

Every dollar makes a difference