Rio Blanco Water System Repairs

With the COVID pandemic meaning that our DARTs are still unable to travel we are continuing to support our Disaster Aid International partners with Smart Aid Grants.

Disaster AId Canada has been working with the Rotary Club of Comayagua, in Houduras to help remote communities.

Rio Blanco

The Rio Blanco water system for was destroyed by flooding.

The community needs clean water to drink and cook.

They also need water to plant crops and stave off malnutrition and disease.

Every morning the women and children leave home at dawn to walk 2 kilometers with wheelbarrows, buckets and plastic containers to get water.

At the source they must wait for their turn to access the water with the other villagers.

The Project

The Plan is in two phases

Phase 1 invoves rebuilding the dam and the building of a sand filtration system.

Dam Site

Phase 2 will be a new main water pipe to the village.

The people of Rio Blanco will supply the labour and sand and gravel for the project.

Most of the transportation will be over little more than mule tracks and will require 4×4 trucks to get the materials to the town.

With US$7,700 raised by DA Canada, RC Comox. and Disaster Aid Australia for cement and reinforcing steel Phase 1 is ready to start.

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