Celebrating International Day of Friendship

On the ‘International Day of Friendship‘ it is a time for our volunteers, and supporters, to appreciate and promote the friendships developed through Disaster Aid Australia’s activities.

Friendship means empathy, compassion and concern for other people.

Valuing and celebrating friendship fosters these characteristics and gives a more selfless and grateful outlook on life. 

Through working alongside our Disaster Aid International partners we have developed friendships in Britain, Malaysia, Canada, the USA, Czech Republic, and India.

By helping people in the Philippines, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Timor Leste, and many other developing countries we have built strong frienships with our delivery partners.

Some Ways to celebrate:

  • Contact a friend and have a chat; 
  • Reach out to someone who you’ve not spoken to; 
  • Think about what unites people instead of what separates us;
  • Volunteer, and help others. 

If you would like the opportunity to find friends in other countries, why not become involved in Disaster Aid Australia.

Contact us at admin@disasteraidaustralia.org.au

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