India’s COVID Crisis

Over the past two weeks the horrific extent of India’s COVID crisis has been brought into sharp relief

Current Situation

As at the 5th May reported new cases exceeds 400,000 per day.

Since the Pandemic began 230,000 deaths have been recorded with the official estimates being almost 4,000 deaths every day.

Due to the extreme pressure being placed on the Indian Health services, and many people dying before they can be diagnosed, it is believed that the actual cases and deaths are many times higher than the official figures.

Disaster Aid’s Smart Aid Response

Disaster Aid Australia as a small Rotary based charity aim to work with partners to make a real difference to smaller communities that might otherwise miss out on support.

Typically these are the more rural areas.

Disaster Aid has a long standing relationship with the Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai and the Diganta Swaraj Foundation through a project to provide Safe Water for Every Child to rural schools.

The Diganta Swaraj Foundation and the Rotary Club are currently involved in assisting the districts of Mokhada, Jawhar and Vikramgad in the Palghar region.

Disaster Aid Australia will be providing a grant to the Diganta Swaraj Foundation to help them purchase vital supplies.

How You Can Help

All donations to Disaster Aid Australia helps us to continue to deliver cost effective help through our international partners to countries most affected by the pandamic.

Will you help Disaster Aid Australia continue to deliver COVID aid click on the link below;


Charity donations of $2 or more to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.

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