Timor Floods Response

In early April our northern neighbour Timor Leste was hit by the biggest floods in 50 Years.

As well as the immediate devastation a major issue was the lack of safe drinking water.

Disaster Aid Australia SkyHydrants have been used to provide clean bacteria free water in several locations with substantial contributions from many partners.

‘Balibo House Trust’ and ‘Engineers Without Borders’

In 2020 Disaster Aid Australia provided 5 SkyHydrants to Balibo House Trust. (3 provided at cost and 2 donated) to be used for schools and communities around Balibo

With the disruptions due to the pandemic it had not been possible to complete the permanant installation and the units were still in storage.

Engineers Without Borders, who have people based in Timor Leste, were able to collect the SkyHydrants, on loan, and set up a temporary safe water supply.

DAA assisted with technical advice.

Rotary Projects East Timor

This West Australian based project is supported by the Rotary Club of Kwinana and Rotary District 9465;  with additional support from the Rotary Club of Philip Island and San Remo and Disaster Aid Australia.

The project had a SkyHydrant which has been urgently installed in the Don Bosco Centre, Comoro.

This SkyHydrant is now supplying water to around 500 Students and to the local villagers.

DAA assisted during the installation and commissioning with advice by phone, e-mail, and our You Tube Videos.

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