Pamanukan Flood Response

During February and March large parts of the town of Pamanukan Indonesia was underwater.

Initial assistance to the community was provided by the Rotary Club of Bandung Pakuan.

As the flood waters dropped the damage to the homes of some of the poorer people of Pamanukan became apparent.

Disaster aid Australia was contacted by Rotary Club of Bandung Pakuan and ageed to provide Smart Aid funds for repair and rebuilding.

The funds will be used to pay for materials for the construction of basic houses which will have a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a toilet.

Construction is now well underway and is estimated to be 40% complete.

If you would like to help Disaster Aid Australia continue to help the people of Pamanukan, and many other countries receive Smart Aid click on the link below;


Charity donations of $2 or more to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.