More SkyHydrants in the Philippines

As well as responding to disasters our local partner Balay Mindanw has continued working at providing Safe Water for Every Child.

This SkyHydrant, installed in Coopville, is the 75th SkyHydrant installed by Balay Mindanaw, and the 5th in partnership with the Rotary Club of West Cagayan de Oro.

SkyHydrant No 76 was installed in March at Barangay Tula, Alubijid supported by the Rotary Club of Carmen Valley.

The unit has been installed at the Barangay hall to be managed by the barangay council.

Another tank has been installed at the elementary school ready for the school opening so every child can be protected with safe, clean drinking water.

Thanks to the Balay Mindanaw DREAM-SH Team for quietly and efficiently carrying out the installations.

If you would like to help Disaster Aid Australia continue to help children in the Philippines, and many other countries have ‘Safe Drinking Water’ click on the link below;


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