World Water Day

It’s only a week to World Water Day on the 22nd of March.

Many Australians don’t really think about it, as safe water comes out of the tap whenever they want it, and costs less than one cent per litre.

For over 700 million people around the world they might have to walk for an hour, and/or pay 50 cents, or more, a litre.

These people can’t believe that in Australia we water gardens and flush toilets with drinking water.

How You Can Help

The average Australian water bill is around $3 per day.

Donating the equivalent of one days water bill will keep 3 people safe for a year.

Donating one weeks water bill will keep 21 people safe for a year.

You can donate the cost of one day of your water (or more) using the button below.


Every additional day will make a difference!