SkyHydrants In Beirut Hospital

Following the ‘Beirut Blast’ our partners Disaster Aid Europe responded by travelling to Beirut.

Working with local Rotarians and Rotaractors they decided to assist the Rosary Hospital and identified lack of safe drinking water as a major concern

We decided to supported this ‘Smart Aid’ response with 2 SkyHydrants and funds to pay for the installation.

As we were unable to travel to Beirut training for the installation, and subsequent operations, has been carried out by ZOOM meetings and the videos on our DAA YouTube Channel

The units have now been installed in the Hospital and now provide safe water for the staff, and people surrounding the hospital.

DA Europe are continuing to fund raise for further projects to restore this important medical facility for the people of Lebanon.

Beirut Rotaractors delighted to help provide Safe Drinking Water.

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