Typhoon Goni Response

Typhoon Goni hit the Philippines, hard this week bringing with it “catastrophic” conditions.

The ‘Super Typhoon’ which crossed the main island of Luzon battered communities with winds of 225km/h.

Goni is the most powerful Typhoon since Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

The Philippines’ national disaster agency have said up to 19 million people may have been affected by the path of Goni.

That number includes the populations in danger zones from landslides, flooding, storm surges and even a lava flow.

With our DART volunteers unable to travel we are currently providing financial support to our Philippine partner Balay Mindanaw who are traveling to the affected communities with SkyHydrants and shelter materials.

To help Disaster Aid Australia  provide aid to those affected by Typhoon Goni, you can making a donation at the link below:


Charity donations of $2 or more to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.