Celebrating World Environment Day

Disaster Aid Australia are helping our environment with our ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ Program.

Every permanent SkyHydrant, can deliver the following environmental benefits, as well as providing safe drinking water to up to 1,000 children.

  • Saving of  energy used for bottled water – No need for industrial plants and commercial transport
  • Reduced use of raw materials – Disposable bottles replaced by re-usable bottles;
  • Reduced private transport energy – No need to drive to buy bottled water
  • Reduced plastic waste – No plastic bottles to dispose of;
  • Reduced deforestation – No need to burn wood for boiling water to make it safe;

All this can be achieved with a unit that uses no power, and just a few kilos of cleaning chemicals a year.


Safe Drinking Water and Major Environmental Benefits delivered for $1/person per Year


You can help the environment and protect lives by clicking on the link below


Charity donations of $2 or more to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.