Last Week For 2019-2020 Tax Deduction

Although it’s been a difficult year for fundraising Disaster Aid Australia has still delivered huge benefits to families and children overseas.

Safe Water for Every Child

  • Bhutan – We are currently planning the shipment of a further 20 SkyHydrants, to be 75% complete for our project to supply safe water to every major school in Bhutan. (Currently 35,000 children protected)
  • Colombia – 48 schools have been provided  with SkyHydrants.(9,800 pupils protected)
  • India – A project has provided 8  Schools with safe drinking water (Protecting 8,500 children)
  • Philippines –  We have provided 16 Skyhydrants for  communities with our partner Balay Mindanaw and the Rotary Club of Cagayan De Oro West. (8,000 people protected)
  • Myanmar – In conjunction with the Rotary Club of Yangon we provided a SkyHydrant at the Mawlamyine University.

Smart Aid

We have also provided a disaster response to:

  • Mindanao Earthquake – Shelter materials and SkyHydrant installations
  • COVID -19 – Food Aid to Philippines

Working with Partners

In addition to our own projects we are currently assisting the following aid organisations:

  • Safe Water for Every Child Myanmar;
  • Balibo House Trust, Timor Leste;
  • Ebeneezer Trust, Mozambique;
  • Disaster Aid Malaysia;
  • Poverty No More, Philippines.

Tax Deductible Donations

To support Disaster Aid Australia’s Work, which protects tens of thousands of children every year,  with a tax deductable donation click on the link below;


Charity donations of $2 or more to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.