Why World Water Day Is Still Important


At the moment all the news is about COVID-19 . . . . . But that doesn’t mean World Water Day is any less important.

On March 19th 2020 the Global daily death rate from COVID-19 had reached 1,000!

The Global daily death rate due to people drinking contaminated water has been over 1,000 a day for years.

When  Hundreds of Billions of Dollars have been spent on controlling COVID-19 over the next year, there will still be over a 1,000 people, mainly children, dying due to contaminated water.

Clean Water Helps

If people need to regularly need to wash their hands its much better if the water is clean and safe.

When safe drinking water is available peoples health is better.

That makes people better able to fight virus infections like COVID-19.

How We Help

With our Safe Water for Every Child program we install SkyHydrants in schools and communities to remove bacteria from the drinking water.

We also help other charities by supplying SkyHydrants for their projects.

Each SkyHydrant costs $5,000 to install and will protect a village of 700 or a school of 1000 pupils from contaminated water for 10 years.

That’s less than $1 per person per day.

How You Can Help

The average Australian water bill is around $3 per day.

Donating the equivalent of one days water bill will keep 3 people safe for a year.

Donating one weeks water bill will keep 21 people safe for a year.

You can donate the cost of one day of your water (or more) using the button below.



Every additional day will make a difference!