The WiFi Challenge

As Disaster Aid volunteers travel the world it quickly becomes apparent that its easier to find Free WiFi than Safe Drinking Water.

In developing countries you will find the majority of hotels and cafes will offer free WiFi . . . . but all the water that feeds an urban area is untreated.

Sure, as a visitor  you can buy bottled water, but when the average wage may be less than $5 a day it’s hard for a local family to afford safe drinking water.

Our Challenge

At Disaster Aid Australia we believe that if the World decides that it wants  Safe Water For Every Child it can be achieved.

After all it only costs $1 per Person Per Year to install a SkyHydrant.

With our Bhutan 2020 project we want to show that its possible for us, a small charity, to provide Safe Drinking Water to every major school in a Country.

If we can do that what’s stopping a real push to make Safe Water as common as Free WiFi?


Are you prepared to be part of our challenge? . . . .To help Disaster Aid Australia install more Skyhydrants you can DONATE HERE