San Ramon Pilot National High School

When Disaster Aid Australia (DAA) delivers a SkyHydrant we believe that the recipient should have the opportunity to be a full partner in the installation.

In the case of a recent installation in the Camirines Sur region of the Philippines DAA provided the SkyHydrant, pipes, plumbing fittings and storage tanks.

The San Ramon Pilot National High School community, including the parents, agreed to construct a secure building to house the skyhydrant and support the storage tanks.

Although some guidance was provided by DAA volunteers the final details were approved by the school community.

The attached photographs show the construction which includes:

  • A sturdy rendered concrete block building.
  • The header tank mounted on the reinforced concrete roof.
  • A concrete platform for the filtered water tanks.
  • Galvanised steel roofs to protect the tanks.
  • A steel gate so the installation is secure.

As well as meeting the cost of the materials much of the labour was provided by the parents of the pupils.

With a partnership like this the SkyHydrant installation becomes more than a donation as the local community now have developed a personal pride in the installation.


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