Rotary Club of Glenorchy Visit

from the Rotary Club of Glenorchy Bulletin:

Our guest speaker last week was PP, PHF, Ted Burton a member of the Rotary Club of Youngtown to tell us all about Disaster Aid International -Australia. To most of us this would be a new subject, so we thank our programmer, Elizabeth Louden for arranging for Ted to visit us.

This is a project of the Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills and as Ted explained it is playing a very important role in assisting in disaster areas.


Ted explained that to respond quickly to disasters the equipment available is now stored in a warehouse in China, as many of the areas in need are closer to China than Australia.

An overwhelming need is for fresh, clean water and Ted talked about the SkyHy-drant, a water purifier made in Queensland and costing about $3500. This is a self suf-ficient product that does not need power and can last for up to ten years, is easy to operate and can produce a up to 1000 li-tres of clean water each day.

Ted explained that there are volunteers who go to areas of disaster to assist, train and liaise with local Rotary clubs as near as possible to the problem area. This way aid is used to the best in need. Those volunteers stay no more than a month and are then replaced by a new team.

The Sawyer Mini Water Filter a low cost all-in-one water filter ideal for providing emergency drinking water. Funds collected are controlled by the DARTs committee, so that the chances of mismanagement are eliminated. Disaster Aid International has partners in Australia, Malaysia, UK & Ireland, USA, India and New Zealand.

The disasters that DAA is called on to help are many.