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Funding required to supply immediate clean water needs in Pakistan  

On August 26th, UNICEF handed down its report ‘Immediate Needs for Women and Children affected by Monsoon Floods’. ;The report identified access to clean drinking water as an immediate need for the displaced population.

 According to Disaster Aid Australia’s General Manager, Jenni Heenan, Disaster Aid Australia is urgently raising funds to supply SkyHydrant Water Purification systems. ;

"Disaster Aid Australia has water purification systems that have been purpose built for disaster relief efforts. The water purification system is an Australian owned and made invention. Todate more than 550 units have been supplied to 26 countries. Each unit costs $5000," said Ms Heenan.    

 "Lack of water supplies and sanitation services in flood‐affected areas cause diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera, which are potentially fatal, especially with children under the age offive."     

"One system can provide up to 10,000 litres of clean drinking water per day, and operate for up to ten years. It can be erected and disassembled quickly so it can be moved to wherethere is the greatest need."    

Disaster Aid Australia can have the water purification system on the ground in Pakistan in 10 days and is looking to supply 100units which will supply drinking water to more than 500,000people.    

Disaster Aid Australia already has teams on the ground in Pakistan distributing survival packs, with another two shipping containers of supplies, due to land in Islamabad on September 13th,2010.    

"The Disaster Aid Response Team has been overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the disaster. The team has indicated the immediate need for clean drinking, and has requested that ourwater purification systems be deployed as soon as possible," said Ms Heenan.    

Donations to Disaster Aid Australia are fully tax deductable and can be made via their website or by ringing 1300 881 913. 

Interviews are available with the Response Team members in Pakistan, via satellite phone, or with General Manager of Disaster Aid Australia, Jenni Heenan.

For media enquiries please contact Maya at Socom 1300 859 611.