SkyHydrant East in memory of Satnam Singh Rayat

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I am back from a five-week visit to India.  I traveled to west, south, north, and east within India.  Met many Rotarians and visited some Rotary clubs.  The need for clean drinking water is all over rural India.  David’s challenge to Indian Rotarians:  “All children in India should have access to clean drinking water” is very appropriate.
Your hard work of carrying two SkyHydrant units to India as “Check-in luggage” is paying off.  The unit at Navi Mumbai was exhibited at the District Conference, per Dharmendra (D.G.), and it was admired by all attendees there.  I am sure it will find its place at the demo site near Navi Mumbai very soon.
The unit at Purulia is now installed as: “SkyHydrant East  in memory of Satnam Singh Rayat”.  Most of you know that Mr. Satnam Singh Rayat, Permi’s father, died in Australia during India visit by David and Permi.  Permi had to cut short his visit; but David continued his India trip and went on to Purulia.  On my recent visit to Purulia,  I saw the demo of the first Sky-Hydrant unit to supply clean drinking water to about 300 students of  RSR Vidyapith high school.  David visited this high school.  Attached are two photos of the demo. The SkyHydrant, the clean blue tank, and the four water taps could be seen in the first picture.  The students love the water; also nearby village residents come and fill empty bottles and carry the water home for drinking purpose.
Our thanks to Purulia Rotary club and to RSR Vidyapith for installing the first demo of the SkyHydrant in India.  The generous donation of the SkyHydrant unit by Disaster Aid International (DAI) is appreciated by the students and the nearby village residents.
Paul Mahata, Ph.D.
Ambassador, Disaster Aid USA