Disaster Aid in Nepal


Disaster Aid response Teams have been busy bringing emergency supplies to earthquake-ravaged Nepal.

Home Repair Kits in Vanuatu

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Our team of volunteers in Vanuatu has now distributed a number of home repair kits, which were purchased locally to boost the local economy. When Cyclone Pam hit some weeks ago, many lost all their possessions and belongings - houses, fishing boats, clothing. Rebuilding after a major disaster is very difficult, even for a population as resilient as that of Vanuatu.

We have now distributed individual water filters and home repair kits. Yet the needs are still great. Over the coming weeks we will keep working with the people of Vanuatu to assist with their challenge in having access to clean water. In Vanuatu under half of the rural population has access to safe drinking water.

Help us make a different for the people of Vanuatu by donating for this cause. Long after the images of the cyclone stop making the news, we will continue to work with this population to find sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.

Phillipines - Typhoon Haiyan

November 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan smashes the Philippines

Desperation as more than 10,000 feared dead

Disaster Aid Australia DART Response Teams, already working in the Philippines after the devastating earthquake on Bohol island, are in Leyte today with the Balay Mindanaw team to perform assessments and assist the sourcing and effective delivery of aid working alongside local government authorities.

Team Leader Ed Cox who was deployed to Indonesia after the 2004 Tsunami described the devastation on Leyte as, "far greater than what I witnessed in my 10 years as an aid worker.  I was in Bandah Aceh, Indonesia in 2004, what I have seen today is far worse than that, almost every home has been destroyed and thousands are missing: families are absolutely devastated.

”Everything that Disaster Aid Australia has in its warehouse will be sent to the Philippines.  This disaster will need more ... and then more "

Disaster Aid Australia’s work continues in the Philippinesas we help communities rebuild.

SkyHydrant™ water filtration systems are being installed on Panay Island working with the RC of Metro Iloilo and on Mindanao Island working with local Rotary Clubs and Balay Mindanaw
giving communities clean drinking water.



We're on the ground in Vanuatu

And, working alongside local Rotarians and others, we will be there for the long haul, helping rebuild communities … and lives

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Disaster Aid International (Australia) has deployed DARTs (Disaster Aid Response Team members) Dianne Holland (Australia) and Wayne Beaumier(USA) to Vanuatu. They  arrived  on Thursday 26 March. Their initial assessment – working within the communities, and with other aid organisations – confirmed the priority was for clean, safe water. That is confirmed in reports by the UN agency OCHA: "110,000 need clean safe drinking water".

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