Multiple Earthquakes Shake Mindanao

A 6.3 Magnitube Earthquake hit the Southern Philippine Island of Mindanao on the evening of the 16th October.

Several severe aftershocks and hundreds of smaller shocks have also shaken the island over the following days.

The epicenter was between Makilala and Tulunan, North Cotabato.

In the surrounding area thousand of families have had to be evacuated from damaged and destroyed homes.

Hospitals, schools and other public building have also been severely damaged requiring

Disaster Aid Australia is providing financial support to our local partner, the Balay Mindanao Peace Foundation as they work to help families whose homes have been lost, or severely damaged.


If you want to help the people of the Mindanao you can donate through our Donation Page



International Day for Eradication of Poverty


Have you thought about the ways safe water can help eradicate poverty?


Our ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ project means;

  1. People lose fewer days wages with better health.
  2. Children ‘s school attendance improves, helping their education.
  3. Money isn’t spent on bottled water.
  4. Fuel isn’t spent travelling to get safe water.
  5. Time isn’t spent travelling to get safe water.


A Disaster Aid Australia SkyHydrant installation will provide safe drinking water for 700 people or a school of 1,000 pupils


Will you help eradicate poverty by Donating to Disaster Aid Australia?


Every $1 can mean someone gets safe water for a year . . . . and helps break the cycle of poverty.


SkyHydrant Daily Routine

We frequently get asked what is involved in the daily SkyHydrant clean.

The following 5 minute video shows the full cleaning procedure in real time.

We will be publishing more instructional videos over the next few weeks.


If you want to find out more about how Disaster Aid Australia can help your project get safe water Email us at


Busy In Bhutan

Our ‘Safe Water for every Child Project’ in Bhutan 2020 is advancing.

Sonam Norbu and Namgay Rinchen, the Ministry Of Education Engineers working with us, have been busy installing SkyHydrants.

This photograph is of the unit at the Norbugang Central School, one of two units that have been sponsored by the Rotary Club of Smithton, Tasmania

Following the completion some of the students and staff were able to enjoy their first drink of safe water from the SkyHydrant.

As well as carrying out installations the engineers have also been carrying out comprehensive training in the maintenance for the school caretakers.

Disaster Aid Australia very much appreciate the commitment of the Bhutan Ministry of Education to the project by allocating these dedicated engineers.


If you want to support our ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ projects why not visit our DONATE PAGE 





Gabby Helps Disaster Aid Australia

Ten-year-old Gabby Norman was wondering what her grandpa does at Rotary Meetings.

When she heard about a presentation at Hawthorn Rotary Club for Disaster Aid Australia and it’s Safe Water for Every Child Project she wanted to help.

Gabby speaking at the assembly

Gabby who is 10 and attends Carey Grammar School, asked her teacher if she could make a presentation on clean water at a Junior School Assembly, and try to raise funds.

Her plan to raise money was by other students paying $2.00 to guess the number of lollies in a jar, with the closest guess winning the jar.

The fundraising was launched on August the 9th when Gabby spoke at the School assembly supported by Disaster Aid Australia CEO Brian Ashworth.

Gabby’s project raised $238.00 for Disaster Aid over a two week period, which proud parents and grandparents boosted to $400.

When the Hawthorn Rotary Club heard this inspiring story they committed to add the remaining funds to support a full SkyHydrant installation.


If your school wants to find out about safe water contact us at



Why We Take Skyhydrants To Disasters


The photograph on the right is a pallet of bottled water being shipped to a disaster.

A typical pallet contains about 1,000 litres of water, and weighs  over a tonne.

It costs more than $500 wholesale and then someone has to pay to airfreight it to the disaster area.

A truck is then needed as transport from the airport to the disaster area for distribution.

Disaster Aid  Australia’s GEM Rapid Response pack weighs less than 20 kilos and costs less than $2,500.

It can travel with a member of our Disaster Aid Response Team within their checked baggage allowance.

It can be quickly set up on site with basic tools and start operating, to deliver 5,000 litres of safe drinking water every day.


One SkyHydrant GEM provides the same amount of drinking water as shipping 5 pallets of water every day. . . . . but the cost is less than the cost of one day of the save volume of bottled water.

The GEM will also continue to filter water for up to 10 years.




Mini SkyHydrant Collection Box

Can you find a place for a Disaster Aid Australia collection box?

Each box is a one sixth scale replica of the SkyHydrants that DAA uses when providing ‘Smart Aid’, or ‘Safe Water for Every Child’.

Every dollar donated is enough to provide safe water for a year for someone in a developing country, or helps us respond to a humanitarian disaster in our region

If  you can help email us at


Disaster Aid Australia would like to thank the members of Endeavour Hills Mens Shed who have contributed freely of their time to make the boxes.






Tamar Valley Rotoract Are Running A Bingo Fundraiser

The Rotaract Club of Tamar Valley will host its Annual Bingo Night on Friday, September 20 in support of Disaster Aid Australia’s Bhutan 2020 Project.

Club president Madi Biggelaar said the past three events had raised more than $15,000.

This year the event aims to raise $10,000 to purchase two SkyHydrants, which would deliver clean drinking water to school children in Bhutan.

Club treasurer Holly Corbett said the event would be a great night with great prizes donated by generous local businesses.

The members, pictured here at their Disney Quiz Night, are sure to provide a fun evening.

As well as the bingo there will be a silent auction, door prizes, and of course a raffle.

The event will take at the Launceston Church Grammar senior school hall 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

Tickets are $15 from Launceston Tickets, which includes a donation and a bingo marker.

Bingo books are $10 and must be bought with cash on the night.

Guests are welcome to bring their own snacks but drinks will be available.

The event is strictly over 18.

If you are in the Launceston area why not go along for a fun evening?


A Memorial That Saves Lives

Losing a loved one is a time of great sadness

Some supporters of Disaster Aid Australia have chosen to be comforted in their loss by sponsoring a SkyHydrant installation as a memorial.

In that way the health of hundreds of people can be protected for years to come.

If you would like to recognise the life of a loved one in this way why not contact Disaster Aid Australia.

A supporter recognition plaque can be worded to reflect a message that you feel would best recognise the life of your loved one.

Currently we have installations planned in Bhutan and the Philippines.

Sponsorship of a SkyHydrant memorial for $5,000 includes having a permanent metal plaque fixed to the unit.

Disaster Aid Australia will also provide photographs of the completed installation.





Overseas Aid Volunteers Wanted

We are looking to recruit people who have a passion for helping those in need as Disaster Aid Response Team (DART) members.

Volunteers will be available for a 2 week overseas deployment each year.

At Disaster Aid Australia (DAA) we focus on the delivery of humanitarian aid to people who have been affected by disasters, including the ongoing disaster of contaminated drinking water.

Run by volunteers, DAA  helps people rebuild their lives and provides filters for safe water.

Established 10 years ago DAA was created as a project of the Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills and is now a small, independent NGO providing aid in developing countries

DAA works in partnership with Disaster Aid International, Rotary International and has partner agreements with organisations in developing countries.

Abilities / Experience:

  • Leadership
  • Able to represent DAA in meetings with in-country government, and other aid providers;
  • Strong negotiation and reporting skills;
  • Capable of managing projects under challenging conditions;
  • Practical with ability to organise people; and
  • Good reporting skills.

You will also be keen to promote the work of DAA sharing your experiences at public events, schools and Rotary Club meetings.


At DAA you will make a real difference to people who need it.


For a detailed Position Description and Application Form contact us at